The Company



Cromwell Group – who’s name wishes to evoke the legendary figure of Oliver Cromwell, character that had a fundamental role in the international development of the English commerce in the XVIIth century – was set up in 1998 in order to meet the requirements of a large number of small and medium size companies that were willing to expand to foreign countries, not only for export, but also for production and import.

SMS companies and even the large ones rarely have their own staff dedicated to handling the international development of the company. Cromwell Group has the capacity to quickly adapt to the requirements of any foreign location, showing dynamism, flexibility and specializing in operations on the international markets.

Cromwell Group has developed a particular skill in the assistance of the Asian companies willing to expand their activity in the Italian market.

The acquired experience and the network of international connections and contacts as well as the idea that, in order to satisfy the client’s needs it is required to offer a wide range of services, capable of covering all aspects of the business activity of the client, represent the core business of Cromwell Group.